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The Benefits and Beauty of a Wrought Iron Door

Your door is the first thing people notice before they enter your home, and the last thing they see once they leave. Wrought iron doors not only make an impeccable impression with their beauty and stature, but they also increase the value and security of your house thanks to their timeless appeal and durability. Here are the benefits and beauty of choosing a wrought iron door for your home.


Beauty and Prestige

Wrought iron doors have a degree of beauty and prestige to them that regular wooden doors don’t have. A peek into the past, these long-established pieces of art keep to their architectural roots yet modern styles have grown in popularity and development with their sleeker designs and bold lines. The sheer beauty of their masterfully detailed craftsmanship can instantly draw together a home and add value to your property should you ever decide to sell.

Being that iron doors are handcrafted, the design possibilities are endless and often customizable. When you look at your home, what story does it tell? What story would you like for guests to perceive?

With a well-planned focal point, tell a story through the many styles of a wrought iron door. Arches, angular lines and abstract shapes on a door’s surface complements the style or time period of your home! You can invoke in the intrigue of Victorian and Baroque-esque elegance with a beautiful brushed bronze door featuring mesmerizing ironwork coils. For a more turn-of-the-age alternative, a bold black door with straight lines and minimalist patterns keep the traditional aspects of an iron ingress alive, yet keep up with the more recent home owning trends. Both designs nowadays feature glass panels that open in order to let natural light and a fresh breeze throughout your home, but with the safety of keeping your door closed.

Strength and Security

The allure of a wrought iron door isn’t just in its curbside appeal, another reason why people prefer them is for safety and home protection. Wrought iron is the epitome of strength and durability; there’s no need to worry about dings, dents or scratches that diminish the look of your home! It is also unmatched in giving your home a particular sense of security.

The term ‘wrought’ spans centuries and translates into what we now call ‘worked’ or ‘manipulated’. It is a tough and malleable metal – it can be bent, welded and molded many times (unlike cast iron) before transforming into the awe-inspiring entryways we’ve come to love. 

With a promise of durability and toughness, a door made of heavy duty and intimidating iron is the perfect deterrent to break-ins and robberies.

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of installing a wrought iron door is that they’re very easy to maintain. Soap, warm water and a soft drying cloth is the least you’ll need in order to keep your door shiny and beautiful. Wrought iron also takes advantage of its weather-resistance, the quality will not decrease after many years of withstanding constant weather changes.


Are you ready to make an entrance and invest in the beauty and security of your home?

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Kayla Winnett is a writer hailing from the Pacific Northwest and graduated with a BA in Creative Writing at the Evergreen State College. When she isn't writing or lost in a novel, she enjoys karaoke, cosplay and playing video games.

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