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The Bounce House Boogie

Did You Know…?

The first bounce house was invented by engineer John Scurlock in 1959!

It’s officially Summer! You know what that means: BBQs, picnics, beach-going, parties and more importantly – bounce houses! With an abundance of colors, shapes and styles, kids and adults alike absolutely love jumping around a bouncer. They add interactive play to any backyard bonanza and with water slide options, splash pools and enclosed designs they’re a great way to beat the Summer heat.

Did You Know…?

10 minutes of jumping is better than 30 minutes of running!

Providing hours of endless entertainment, bouncy castles and inflatable relays allow kids to exert their energy in a healthy way. Physical exercise paves the way for little ones to stay active, and what better way than bouncing or racing through an moonwalker? Not only does jumping strengthen the muscles, it stimulates metabolism, develops motor skills, reduces the likelihood of obesity and improves emotional well-being.

Did You Know…?

Some bounce houses can be used all year round!

Ever since its invention, bounce houses have evolved into a variety of shapes, shades and sizes. A lot of bounce houses nowadays also include invigorating water slides to race down and pools equipped with aqua bazookas for action-packed play. Though when the Summer sun sets and the fun is brought indoors, what more could you do with an inflatable bounce house? A lot, actually! Modern moonwalkers have changed the game by creating dry slide options that don’t require water, but the option is still available! In addition to dry slides, some bounce houses feature ball pits, basketball hoops, climbing walls and even more interior space to bound about in!

Did You Know…?

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Ready for the bounce house boogie?

He is!



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