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Wooden Pet House Hen Coop – Home For Hen

Keeping chickens as pets actually makes economic sense. As other household pets will tend to incur expenses raising chicken at home will save us money rather than cost us money. Regularly we have to feed them, while cleaning and grooming will cost more and also don’t get much in return. Apart from that, one benefit of keeping chickens is the fresh organic eggs that they produce. Wooden pet house are portable and an excellent way that allows you to move the coop throughout your landscape. This Outdoor Industrial Wooden Chicken Coop is great for Laying Hens and other poultry in your yard.Since the chickens are kept in the backyard, they are exposed to cats, dogs and other predators etc. One way of protecting them is by building a safe coop to live in.Designed to look great in backyard this coop is lightweight, insect resistant and a safer place for chickens.

Main Features:

I. Size: 62X23X30 Inches (157x58x76cm)
II. Pull out tray for easy cleaning.
III. 2 Front doors, 1 roof access door for feeding
IV. Ramp for walking
V. Durable with good Ventilation
VI. Water proofing treatment.
VII. 100% safe for chicken

Planning for positioning:
Having a hen house and a chicken coop at your backyard is great for your loving pet.
Here we provide some helpful tips while deciding your best chicken coop.
Location- Place your chicken coop away from house but in a position where it gets the sunlight all day long.

Making your Coop – Building Materials used, Wood is one of the best material:
If you are great with hand apparatuses, you can construct a chicken coop. What you require is an arrangement of good chicken coop designs. Wood is one of the best materials for durable chicken coops.
Nowadays numerous coops remain on legs to give better rat assurance and for simplicity of support. There is an immense scope of wooden houses available, as far as size, shape and outline also give better rodent protection and for ease of maintenance. There is a huge range of wooden houses on the market, in terms of size, shape and design.

Many Design, shapes and Sizes:
Wooden pet house come in many designs, shapes and sizes. Some designs also offer separate sections for laying eggs, for exercising and another area for young chicks.Why buy instead of build?
Building a coop takes time you may not have and it may be difficult to determine what options you may desire for your birds. In that case, purchasing one from companies that specialize in making them is more efficient.

Key Things to take into consideration while choosing your Chicken coop:

The most important consideration when you keep chickens is their well being and safety. It is where most chickens sleep and lay their eggs. Enough Space for Chicken Run

a) Good solid construction for predator and weather protection
b) Extra Coop accessories for safety and Comfort.
c) large nesting box and sleeping space,
d) Coop Size- Small, medium, large
e) Easy access for cleaning and general maintenance
f) Safety and Security
Keep your chickens safe. The two door locking mechanism and sturdy wood construction ensures your birds will be safe from predators, and even in the harshest weather conditions without difficulty. Plenty of ventilation ensures that your creatures stay cool and comfortable, and the classy design of the coop means you’ll be happy to have it on display.
g) Airflow and plenty of ventilation but not draughty
h) Recommended space per hen is 4ft per bird

Cleaning Tips – Easy access for cleaning and general maintenance:
With a pullout plate to evacuate feathered creature messes, cleanup is considerably easier. When cleaning any plastic poultry house it is ideal to brush or hoover out within bedding and afterword completely wash and sterilize the inside. Hen houses should be regularly cleaned and hygiene for taking in and out food and water will maintain a healthy health for your chicken.

Chicken coop prices:
Some differ in cost from moderately in costly to a huge number of dollars relying on outlines, state of boxes ie little houses or log lodges. You can visit your nearby pet supply shop or domesticated animals store to discover what you are searching for or else go on the web and have a huge choice to look over.


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