Thanksgiving A Wonderful Time For Reunion & Celebration

Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian national holiday of saying thanks and express gratitude to those whom we are thankful for. This is a harvest festival that traditionally kicks off the ‘holiday season’ which continues up to Christmas and New Year’s Day as well. As thanksgiving quickly sneaks up, people get ready for their holiday celebration and decoration ideas. The word reminds images of family reunions, football, roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, holiday decorations and of course the Thanksgiving parades. All the credit goes to the Pilgrims as they celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621 after a good harvest and as an act of gratitude to God for their new life. On 3rd October 1863 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that Thanksgiving will be celebrated every year as a national holiday on the fourth Thursday of November and since then, this tradition is being carried out.

Thanksgiving is a day of celebration and appreciation. It is typically the benchmark of the start of the holiday season and provides the perfect time for family reunion. Fun, frolic and excitement reaches its crescendo during this auspicious occasion with everyone thanking the Almighty God for their good fortune. In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the second Monday of October. Thanksgiving Day is often referred to as Turkey Day. As turkey was served at the original Thanksgiving meal so in order to maintain the tradition, turkey continues to be eaten at Thanksgiving day. The Turkey is probably the most traditional part of this harvest festival. Since 1947, the National Turkey Federation gives the President one live and two dressed turkeys as gift. This day, the turkey is roasted and stuffed with ingredients like carrots, chopped onions, celery and placed at the center of the dinner table for serving. Before starting the meal, the head of the family says a prayer thanking God for the food that is spread before everyone. Apart from the delicious recipes, everybody share all aspects of the excitement of football game ie from Playing, watching and enjoying. People also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in beautiful fall weather like Parades, pumpkin picking, hikes and drives. People organize potluck lunches for their employees like Grilled Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin-Walnut Layered Pie, Pumpkin soup, Apple pie and other food stuffs. While food and football are at the forefront, it is impossible to forget the drinks! It can’t be a party without a margarita. People travel to different tourist destinations across America and enjoy the delicious foods at the wonderful sea beach restaurants. Thanksgiving parades are a very significant cultural tradition of America mostly designed for all races and ethnicity. These parades project the message of warmth and thankfulness of the holiday season with family-oriented themes. Thanksgiving parades, just like football, turkey and the pumpkin pie featuring musical extravaganza are regular features of Thanksgiving holiday. Colorful cutouts, amusing floats and huge balloons are the major attractions in Thanksgiving parades.

When it comes to Thanksgiving parties and decorations, people all over the world gets exited. Some people love to display family pictures including their ancestors on thanksgiving celebration parties. Apart from this, one can easily decorate dining table with foodstuff like Turkey, sweet potatoes, apple pie, corn cob and a pumpkin shaped with a facial expression to attract guests. For best attractions and greeting visitors, you can place a Thanksgiving wreath at door step. As lighting and colors like gold, red, yellow symbolize Thanksgiving, so decorate your house with colorful flowers and beautifully arrange them on glass vases or water pitchers with floating candles. So pull up your socks and enjoy this year Thanksgiving to the fullest.

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