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Extend your Growing Season with a Poly-Tunnel Greenhouse

Increase the thrill of gardening yea around with a greenhouse. Once you’re within, heat and dry, it does not matter if it’s windy or rainy outside. Within this protected surroundings, plants keep growing. You will save water, because the wetness is maintained within the high tunnel and therefore the temperature is controlled. Clear plastic covers the crops. Poly-Tunnel or hoop home is one style of temporary greenhouse that’s ordinarily employed by growers either as industrial or hobby in America. These greenhouses are terribly versatile which include a clear plastic covering stretched over a frame of PVC, aluminium, wood or steel and may be put in a very few hours without any foundation.

Getting Started With a Poly-Tunnel Greenhouse:

If you are just at the planning stage of your greenhouse where weather, seasons and climate don’t matter then there are some things you should take into consideration.

Location: Before you buy or build your greenhouse, select an appropriate location and plan a spot where there is a maximum amount of sunlight, away from tree, wall or house shade.

Assess Your Needs: There are a host of possibilities when choosing a greenhouse. By thinking through and answering the following questions, you can quickly narrow down what kind of greenhouse that will be best for you.

Greenhouse Types:

Now a days greenhouse styles are tunnel type and gambler roofed. Dome shaped is less suitable for growing tall crops while Curved House has less head room at the sides. If space is limited you may better go for temporary poly-tunnel garden greenhouse.

Tips to follow:

Size and price:There are many different sizes and shapes of greenhouses available at prices to match your budgets, from polythene poly-tunnels to timber constructions.

Build or Buy?: Once you know what type of greenhouse you want, you need to decide whether to buy a prefab kit unit or whether to build one from a plan. If saving some money is a deciding factor, then you may go for building your own greenhouse. On the other hand, a ready made kit may just be the logical and much easier choice.

Greenhouses – Some Basic Aspects- History

Roman’s were the first ones to have the idea of growing plants in a controlled environment. The first greenhouse was constructed in 30 A.D for the emperor Tiberius. French botanist Jules Charles in 1599 was the designer of the first practical greenhouse.

Organic Farming and High Tunnels

Poly-tunnel greenhouse seems like the perfect tool for organic growing. Also known as hoop houses, these are greenhouse-like structures. While Greenhouses grow products “above the ground” in raised beds or in pots, high tunnel is normally “in the ground” growing and offer a more controlled environment offering protection from adverse weather and pests. As a result, Poly-tunnel-grown products significantly increases your crop output and sustain less damage while products grown in these structures have better taste and appearance than non-high-tunnel-grown products.

Greenhouse Materials & Availability:

There are many items that can be used to build a greenhouse. However the main parts may be categorized as Frame (or skeleton), Cover (or glazing), Base (or Foundation). These are available in a variety of tunnel shapes&sizes, they are portable and have the plastic clear covering to be effective. They can come in a lean-to style, straight sided or round with multiple tunnels inside.

Product Description:

ALEKO® poly-tunnel greenhouse is the ideal space to grow your garden year round. The substantial obligation PE work fabric is waterproof and UV ensured. Sets up in under 5 minutes without any instruments required!,and made with strong and durable powder coated steel frame. Full shut cover keeps up high humidity levels for developing tropical plants, vegetables, fruiting plants and herbs.


  • This poly-tunnel greenhouse is featured with Roll-up zippered door for easy access and 8 roll up windows for great ventilation and a spacious walk area. Its Strong and durable frame is built with heavy-duty powder coated steel and available with Heavy duty green PE mesh cloth cover waterproof and UV protected.
  • Length: 19.5′ (5.9 m) Width: 9.5′ (2.9 m) Height 6.5′ (2 m) with Steel tube diameter: 25 mm (0.98 inches) thickness: 0.7 mm and Mesh cloth thickness: 140 g/m2

Production ideas are very diverse,so if you have a greenhouse or planning to buy a poly-tunnel the potential increases.Consider our wide range of Poly-Tunnel Garden Greenhouse, which makes a wonderful addition to your garden. All ALEKO® products come with FREE SHIPPING. Visit the product page for a great range of waterproof Poly-Tunnel Garden Greenhouse.

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