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Create Your Dream Desk Space

It makes all the difference to have a place you’re excited to show up to—a work space that brings you excitement, joy, and contentment. If your current desk area leaves you feeling stressed out or if you’re not as productive as you wish, then an aesthetic change could be just what you need.

Having a clear, yet inspiring work space is essential for increasing productivity and improving your overall wellbeing. Even a subtle difference in atmosphere can have a huge impact on the way you feel about your work.

Clear it Out

The only sure way to transform your work space is to start fresh. Remove everything from the top of your desk, clear out the drawers, stow the clutter, take the art off the walls—everything.

Once your space is clear, clean it! Wipe the surfaces, vacuum or sweep the floor, wipe the walls, and air it out. While this might feel like overkill, it is an essential step in transforming the way you feel about your space. Cleansing a space makes it new.

The Necessities

Now we arrive at the fun part: adding things back into the space.

It is scientifically proven that the brain struggles to process information when there is too much visible clutter—before placing an item, ask yourself: does this make me happy? Do I need this? Will this help me be more productive and spark creativity? If you answer “yes”, then add it.


Perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself is: What will I use this space for?


At minimum, each desk space will likely have a desk, a chair, and a computer. When it comes to necessities, it is best to have just a few functional items that are aesthetically pleasing and of excellent quality. Get a mouse pad with a design and colors you love, or splurge on that chair that is extra comfortable. Make everything in your dream office a favorite item.

Pay attention to comfort when deciding where to put your necessities—does your pen jar look cute on a particular shelf but you find yourself straining to reach them every few hours? Never sacrifice functionality for form in your personal work space. The best part about creating a personalized space is that it’s set up especially for you!


If your work space isn’t comfortable, you won’t want to spend time there.

Keep this in mind when you reach for that gorgeous modern chair that feels like a cold concrete slab. Humans require a habitat, or work space, that invites, comforts, and invigorates.

Small changes can drastically increase your enjoyment of a space—add a fuzzy rug under your feet or a soft blanket over the back of your chair for a bit of extra warmth and texture. Find a desk that is an ideal height for your body and the right shape to accommodate an efficient work flow. Find a chair that is your perfect combination of soft and firm. Comfort can make or break your experience, so be sure to take note of what can be improved upon in your current layout.



-A chair that is ideally sized for your body, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to you is essential.

-Find a desk that is the correct shape to accommodate your work flow, at the correct height for your body, and made of a material that you love.

-Take advantage of the range of ergonomic items that allow for ideal body positioning: wrist support, computer risers, etc. It is also helpful to strategically place frequently used items to prevent needless twisting, bad posture, or strain.

-Quality everyday essentials, such as office supplies, should also bring you joy. Pens that are your favorite thickness, a stapler that has a cute print—anything you use regularly should be pleasing and feel good in your hands.


Are you the type of person who needs a “dream board” of images to keep you inspired, or do you need an austere work space to keep you focused?

Asking questions like this is helpful in determining what you need out of your space to make it functional for you.

Good lighting changes the feel of a space more drastically than almost anything. Add a small strip of LED’s for a cozy ambient glow, or add a UV lamp to increase your energy, especially if your space is naturally dark. Having good lighting not only changes the functionality of the space, but affects your mood and your ability to work efficiently in a peaceful state of being.


When considering your atmosphere, the goal is to create an environment in which all of your senses are engaged—pleasing colors and textures, good smells, inspiring visuals, and anything else that is valuable to your experience in that space should be considered important.



– Photos of happy memories, trinkets you picked up on a vacation, etc.

-Items and images that inspire you

-Mood lighting—LED’s, Christmas lights, UV lamps, etc.

-Candles and aromatherapy

-Music that accommodates work productivity

-A soft rug for under your feet

-A blanket for your chair

-A plant to enliven your desk space

ALEKO Products for your work space

ALEKO supplies a range of products that are ideal for a custom work space! Below are some of our favorite picks. As always, free shipping!


Silk Flowers

Experience timeless beauty with no work, mess, or stress—silk flowers are ideal for work spaces that have limited sunlight exposure and for people who are not confident in their green thumb.

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This modular desk is both visually interesting and highly functional—with the swivel function, this desk can be placed in either a rectangular shape or an L-shape, depending on the size of your space. The slender work surface is minimal, yet has the ability to store documents, books, and other supplies underneath.

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This adjustable, multi-use portable desk is a gem. Place it on your existing desk to work standing up–improve your posture, clear your mind, and alleviate back pain from this simple switch from sitting to standing. This foldable, portable table can also be used to work in bed or work in a variety of places. Versatile, easy to store, and fun!

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When it comes to office chairs, the choice is very personal. We selected this black ergonomic office chair for its simple, yet functional design. The mesh back offers a springy, comfortable experience that allows for ample air flow so you don’t overheat while you work. The multiple points of adjustment, sleek arms, and minimal design make it perfect in our books!

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Mood lighting

Don’t let its small appearance fool you—LED lights are bright, energy efficient, and easy to set up in your home. We love that this particular set is battery operated so you never have to see a cord trailing down the wall to the power outlet.

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Essential Oils

With so many smells and wellness benefits, what’s not to love?

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Natassja Cassinerio is a writer and editor who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has been featured in Anomalous Press, Crack the Spine, and other online journals. When she isn’t reading or writing, she hikes with her dog, gets avant-garde in the kitchen, practices aerial silks, and studies the birds of Western Washington.

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