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All About Room Dividers

When we talk about room dividers, one thing that comes to our mind is the room space management. With the population rapidly increasing, the best aspect of using this is to make your home appear larger and more efficient use of the available space by dividing some of the rooms. Separating a living room from your dining area or your bedroom from your study area has now become possible by use of these dividers and screens. Available in different colors and designs these simple but nifty partitions are stylish, decorative and a popular choice for places like hospitals, restaurants, and corporate offices specifically when a room needs to be divided. Some of the most common materials for the dividers include wood, metal, glass and also plastic. One of the most decorative forms of dividers comes in the form of Screens that are multi-functional and have been used for hundreds of years for partitioning. However, due to the artistic value and stylishness, these can create the perfect ambient setting inside your home. You can also easily enhance the look for your kid’s room, where you can make a separate play area in the space created by the dividers. When used outdoors, they are also be used to protect from harmful UV rays.

History reveal that, the use of these dividers and screens originated and started as early as the 7th century in Asia ie specifically in China. People in those days created temporary walls for worship and for other occasions. But now-a-days due to the western impact these dividers and screens have become popular and are used for both functionality and decorative purposes.

Variety & Types:
Depending upon the purpose, these can be of two types.
a) Permanent dividers.
b) Portable dividers.

The former one is used for dividing a room on a permanent basis, while the latter one is used for dividing any space on a temporary basis. As compared to these two kinds of dividers, portable room dividers are more advantageous. Portable dividers are common in both home set up and in offices, restaurants and can be altered easily whenever needed. Portable dividers include folding dividers which can be easily foldable and packable. These are beautiful, light weight and usually framed using rice paper, glass, fabric etc that comes in various colors.

The purpose of the divider can be:
Because of their versatility you can use them as decorations either indoors or outside depending on the type of materials your divider is made from.
1) To provide privacy, re-create space and decorate your Home during a party.
2) For hiding unorganized objects or under construction areas of your home.
3) To cover-up large empty spaces
4) To split a room shared by two siblings and create a secret storage for children’s toys.
5) Separating an office from the home.
6) To section off a part of a room (such as a fireplace)
7) Turning bedrooms into adaptable areas.
8) To create a private space for kids.
9) Great Solution For Roommate Problems
10) Can be used in churches, schools, large conference rooms and other social gatherings.

Key factors to consider while choosing:
1. The Place to use. Whether indoors, outdoors or just for Home decoration.
2. Material quality
3. A unique Style & color.
4. Lastly the price that meets your financial needs suiting your budget.

No matter what design or material you decide, It will definitely add a touch of class and culture to any room that you may decide to place it in.
Advantages of Aleko Room Divider over other brands:

ALEKO offers you beautiful Japanese-style room divider at affordable prices. Each fold-able divider of Alekoproducts is made with a black solid wood frame and is perfect for creating a separate space for guests. Visit our web store to gather more information about these stylish products.

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